Monday 27 June 2011

Golden Streak Continues - Cars 2

Amongst all the news today about upcoming Pixar projects, what with the Brave trailer and the possibility of Toy Story 4, we needn't forget the current Pixar film, Cars 2. Whilst Cars 2 is by no means the critical success we have come to expect from Pixar (currently holding 33% on Rotten Tomatoes), it seems people don't mind. As Cars 2 is Pixar's 12th consecutive No. 1 Box Office Opener.

Cars 2 opened to a brilliant opening day revenue of $25.7 million as people went in their droves to see the latest Pixar feature. Estimates suggest that Cars 2 has far exceeded its predictions, at a current estimate of around $68 million for the opening weekend.

As Martin of Upcoming Pixar points out, if these estimates are accurate, Cars 2 could tie Up as Pixar's 4th best opener, and that an exceeding of that estimate could beat The Incredibles $70 million opening.

It seems that Pixar fans aren't put off by a few bad reviews, thus is the trust that Pixar have built up over the years.

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