Tuesday 14 June 2011

New Cars Videos

Firstly, as Cars 2 gets ever closer to its release date, the promotion is stepping it up. This newest ad, parodies existing TV shows and gives us a little bit more new footage from the film; this newest video clip has got me even more excited for Cars 2 and is making it seem ever more epic.

Secondly, we get our first look at Disney's direct-to-DVD spin-off of Pixar's Cars, Planes. It looks... well... you can see for yourself, it doesn't look great, let's put it that way. Not to say it looks bad, I have no doubt the kids will lap it up, however it looks a bit formulaic and the animation (which is outsourced) looks so-so. Furthermore, you'll notice that it says "Disney", there is no mention of Pixar, as this is entirely a Disney project, with Pixar not being involved.

Planes is due out on DVD and Blu Ray in Spring 2013, so I guess we'll see then.


The trailer has been removed by request of Disney.

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