Tuesday 7 June 2011

Luke's Corner: Week 2

Hello bloggers and internet people, sorry for the delay, but I am now back with week 2 of Luke's Corner (No need for applause).

Today I am writing about the wonders of Toy Story 3.

Oh My God this is an amazing film. Although it came out like a year ago it still leaves me in awe. The presence that this movie brings upon me is extraordinary and it is a sheer testament to the level of work at Pixar that they can keep on going strong in a threequel, where so many have failed ( - cough – Shrek, Spiderman – cough - ).

This film is, simply put, awesome. I generally think there are very little faults to this film. The cast is great; the animation is amazing and it once again features some great voice actors including Tim Allen, Tom Hanks and Joan Cusack.

But what I thought made this film really great was the bad guys.

The villains in Toy Story 3 really made this film Disney in my eyes (in the best sense of the word, the classic eras, not the more modern one), yet Pixar keep everything vintagely Pixar, it has their own original, personal stamp all over it. Lotso has to be the greatest combination of evil and cuddly ever and is really one of the best villains ever (including the great evil present in classic Disney films) I found it inspiring how Pixar managed to make a teddy bear evil. Teddy bears are the cutest things. I just didn’t expect it. Kudos Pixar.

But another villain in this film made it great to sit and watch 5 times. Big baby. By Thor’s hammer this is one fascinating villain. A BABY DOLL!! Big Baby is so wonderfully complex; he’s an enigma of a villain. The producers must have put a lot of thought into making this film amazing. Pixar never ceases to amaze me on every conceivable front.

The only thing that I think kind of disappointed me, and I know that I am in a huge minority here, was the ending. I thought they could have put a little more effort into making all of us Toy Story fans get emotional – although I know that William bawled his eyes out. I didn’t find it very emotional. But the film in general was still amazing; it just felt like it was a tad restrained in its ending.

Overall I give it 9/10

Ups: Lotso, Big Baby, Voice Actors, Set, Animation

Downs: Ending, Lack of the Aliens

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  1. Kung Fu Panda 2 gets a 10, whereas Toy Story 3 gets a 9!?!?