Tuesday 3 April 2012

4 Brave Characters Posters and an Interview with the Director

Entertainment Weekly bring us 4 brand new (well, the Merida one is hardly new) character posters, showing off some of the main cast of characters form Pixar's next feature, Brave. Above you'll see one of the four posters, showcasing Merida's younger triplet brothers: Hamish, Hubert and Harris.

EW also caught some words from the film's director, Mark Andrews, on the individual characters that comprise the posters. On the subject of the triplets, Andrews said:

“You can’t tell them apart, and they steal the show,” says Andrews. “They love sweets and are always getting into mischief. And they can do no wrong as far as Fergus and Elinor are concerned.” Andrews also revealed that the triplets won’t have any spoken lines in the film: “They giggle and laugh — that’s it.”

He also passed comment on the film's much more intense, ominous tone:

“It’s appropriately scary, as much as it needs to be to tell the story effectively,” says Mark Andrews, who shares directing credit with Brenda Chapman. “But it’s not overly horrific or terrifying — we’re not going for a PG-13 rating. You’re in good hands with a Pixar movie, as always.”

For the other three character posters and more words from the film's director, head on over to Entertainment Weekly.

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