Tuesday 17 July 2012

Andrew Stanton Reportedly Working on Finding Nemo 2!

No, you didn't read that wrong, that's the story that Deadline's reporting! Deadline reports, following the supposed $200 million loss on his live-action directorial debut John Carter, that Andrew Stanton is returning to animation with a sequel to his Oscar winning 2003 animation directorial debut, Finding Nemo!

Deadline's Mike Fleming says that he has been "told [Stanton's] now officially come aboard the Finding Nemo sequel and has a concept the studio loves." The article also suggests that the reason behind Stanton's sudden involvement is directly due to the failings of John Carter (belated review up soon by the way) and that a sequel to Pixar's second highest-grossing film might ingratiate him to the Disney top-brass again. I can't believe - if the story is true - that this is the legitimate reason behind the sequel. One of Pixar's brain trust and a two-time Academy Award winner for his animated films, the faith in Andrew should still be there, despite one shortcoming - one not even necessarily due to the quality of the film.

It may not be the sequel fans were particularly clamouring for (The Incredibles 2), but it's almost a complete certainty that Finding Nemo 2 would be huge; possibly the only Pixar film that would have a real shot at beating Toy Story 3 worldwide. The timing of the reveal also makes sense, with Finding Nemo 3D hitting theatres in September. But, I can't escape the feeling that a sequel is not needed! Nemo 1 had a perfect ending as is.

That said, Pixar have never disappointed me; Toy Story 3 had its naysayers prior to release - if you're looking for them, just check the "Toy Story 3 was great!" bandwagon - and, although its quality is debated much more, the same is true for Cars 2. Both were, in my eyes, fantastic films, and I have no doubt that Pixar would give a sequel to one of its most beloved properties its all. It would also take a remarkably strong idea to get Stanton interested in a sequel - if the rumours about it being a ploy for more Barsoom time are false of course.

Let's see how Monsters University turns out first.

Where do you stand on a Nemo sequel? Yay or nay? There will be a poll up on the right very shortly, sound off there, in the comments section or Tweet us about it (@A113Animation).


Giving more credence to the already trustworthy claims is the fact that The Hollywood Reporter is also reporting that Lindsey Collins (also John Carter) is set to produce, Victoria Strouse is set to write the script, and a 2016 release date is being aimed for.


  1. "Finding Nemo 2" can turn out to be a fantastic film, but I personally feel it shouldn't even be made. However, if it does come out, I may just eat my words on that. Still, I can only imagine how this will turn out. Rumors say that Stanton is making this in order to prove to Disney that he can direct movies for them in the wake of "John Carter" bombing. I hope that's not the case, and that Stanton actually has a genuinely good idea for a Nemo sequel.

    Great article, well-balanced and not biased at all. Like you said, I'll wait for "Monsters University" and see how it turns out. "Cars 2" was rushed gap filler, so it's not really the writer's fault or anything. I never thought it was that bad anyways.

    1. Kyle, I agree with almost everything you said! It doesn't need to be made, but I cannot believe that Andrew Stanton would sell out, so I'm sure he has a great idea. John Lasseter wouldn't let it by if it weren't great either!

      Disagree about Cars 2 though, I thought, although obviously not regular Pixar standard, it was better than Cars 1, and you can tell they're passion projects for John!

      This is if the rumours are true of course...

  2. Now that's the movie that could make more money than Toy Story 3. Completely agree.

    And it's not a nay for me. It's a wait and see, just keep swimming, sort of yay.

    1. Mm, too early and too little information for me to make an informed choice yet. Though within half an hour of thinking about it, I'm already excited at the possibilities.

      Watch out Unkrich, Stanton's coming for your record!