Friday 6 July 2012

New Rise of the Guardians Trailer

Firstly, apologies for the four day hiatus; it's been a busy week, I've been down in Cambridge since Tuesday and I'm down south again tomorrow in London for an early press screening of Brave on Sunday!

But, to leap straight back into it, today we are treated to the second trailer from DreamWorks' highly anticipated upcoming feature, Rise of the Guardians. Based on the Guardians of Childhood book series by Moonbot Studios' William Joyce, Rise of the Guardians re-imagines the childhood fairytale figures we all know and love.

The previous trailer focused on establishing the intensity of the film and its epic feel, whereas this latest trailer fleshes out the story and the characters a bit more, showing us the fantastic, vibrant animation on display. It's appropriate that the video touts the film as being from the creators of How to Train Your Dragon, as this certainly looks like it has the potential to rival that as one of the studio's best films yet!

With a sharp script, a funny and balanced sense of humour and gorgeous animation, if Rise of the Guardians turns out like this trailer, DreamWorks will have another winner on their hands. Rise of the Guardians is due in cinemas on 21st November in the US and 30th November in the UK.

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