Friday 13 July 2012

Disney at Comic-Con - Wreck-It Ralph News

The 2012 San Diego Comic-Con is well underway and as well as supposedly awesome fist looks at Oz: The Great and the  Powerful and Gore Verbinski's The Lone Ranger, and more from Tim Burton's Frankenweenie, the Disney panel brought some great news and peaks at their latest animated feature, Wreck-It Ralph. Check it all out after the jump break!

We get a new image (top) from the "Hero's Duty" section of the film; the music of which, director Rich Moore (The Simpsons, Futurama) announced, will be handled by dubstep DJ, Scrillex. Well, that's... that's something. At least it'll give the section an intense, techno feel.

Along with Moore, some of the film's voice cast - John C. Reilly (Ralph) and Sarah Silverman (Vanellope von Schweetz) - also took to the stage, to answer questions and talk about the film. On her character, Silverman (School of Rock) said:

"She’s kind of on the outskirts of the game. She’s a glitch. When she meets Ralph they’re kind of at odds and they realize they’re not so different. They’re the same, only different sizes. The thing I love about it is I think it kind of teaches you her glitch, her greatest kind of shame, her fault kind of becomes her greatest asset."

Reilly, the voice of the film's protagonist, also refuted Chris Rock's infamous claims at the Oscars this year about how easy voice acting for an animated film is; saying:

"Despite Chris Rock's great run on how easy it is being a voice actor. It's actually a really engaging process, and it's been amazing working with Rich, and we did a lot of improvisation. It was pretty cool."

Further in terms of the voice cast, we also learned that Alan Tudyk (DodgeBall, Firefly) will voice King Candy, the ruler of the Mario Kart inspired world that Sarah Silverman's Vanellope inhabits, "Sugar Rush".

Speaking of Mario, when asked about video game characters that they were not able to secure the rights to for the film, Moore mentioned a "certain moustachioed little plumber guy" and "his brother, who wanted more money". Referring, obviously, to Mario and Luigu. Nintendo allegedly wanted too much money for the characters to appear in the film; it's their prerogative to do so, but the decision seems a little bizarre given that Mario's nemesis, Bowser, appears in the trailer, and it would mean free advertising for Nintendo's most famous franchise.

The scenario is reminiscent of Mattel's unwillingness to allow Barbie to appear in Toy Story, but, following the film's huge success, encouraged it in 2 and 3. So, who knows? If the first is a hit and we see a Wreck-It Ralph 2, Mario and Luigi may be in it!

The fans at Comic-Con were also treated to 10 minutes from the film (lucky people) - which supposedly went down a storm. Whilst we can't share that, we can share the majority of the Wreck-It Ralph panel, emedded in two parts below.

Wreck-It Ralph is due in US cinemas on 2nd November, and arrives here in the UK much, much later on 15th February, 2013.

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  1. I heard that King Candy's gonna be the villain.

    1. Yeah, he does look/sound rather villainous in the trailer!

    2. That'll be pretty interesting. Knowing Disney, they'll probably make him seem harmless (because of his appearance) but make him turn out to be a kick-ass villain. (i.e. Lotso)

    3. Yeah, Disney do the cunning villain very well! I'm just generally curious to see what Disney do with Wreck-It Ralph!

    4. @William - was that supposed to be sarcastic, or were you being serious. Sorry but I can't tell.

    5. No, no. I'd say Ralph's my most anticipated animated film of the year now!