Saturday 27 October 2012

More Wreck-It Ralph Clips and Featurettes!

With a week to go until the US release of their 52nd animated film, Disney aren't letting up with the marketing for Wreck-It Ralph, and today we get a couple of great clips, and a funny viral video ad.

My particular favourite is "Ralph & Vanellope Make a Deal" (top), and I'm really starting to dig the brother-sister relationship between the two - not to mention "Sugar Rush" just looks so damn cool! We also got given another clip, "Ralph's Gone Turbo" (below), which is the extended clip of the Q*bert scene that previous trailers have used.

And finally, check out the hilarious "Behind the Screens" video/mockumentary (bottom). Wreck-It Ralph, directed by Rich Moore and produced by Clark Spencer, arrives in US cinemas next Friday (2nd November), and here in the UK on 15th February, 2013. And it looks more and more awesome by the day!

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