Tuesday 30 October 2012

Bob Iger, George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy Discuss Disney-Lucasfilm Acquisition

Coming off the most exciting news of the decade, Disney and Lucasfilm's head-honchos have weighed in on the gigantic $4 billion purchase that means we'll be seeing a new Star Wars film by 2015.

Disney CEO/Chairman, Bob Iger, and Star Wars creator/former Lucasfilm owner, George Lucas, offer up their thoughts on the transaction, with Iger saying "we're thrilled that George has entrusted the future of his extraordinary legacy to The Walt Disney Company, and recognise what an honour it is." Lucas returns with saying "I've been a big fan of Disney all my life." Check out the full remarks above.

Lucas then weighs in more specifically on what the future of Star Wars is, and the importance of new Lucasfilm president, Kathleen Kennedy, who also offers up her thoughts. Lucas says it best with "I get to be a fan now." Say what you like about George Lucas, but he created Star Wars, and now he's ensured its future. Thank you George, thank you Disney, and here's to a (hopefully) bright future. Full remarks above.

Exciting times to be a Disney and Star Wars fan. Expect more very soon. In the meantime, enjoy this not-quite-official sneak peak at Star Wars: Episode VIII!

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