Thursday 27 February 2014

Watch: Impressive "Let It Go" Sing-along on Good Morning America

As if its near-billion dollar worldwide haul and the countless covers of "Let It Go" on YouTube weren't proof enough, here's the latest evidence that Frozen really has made a huge impact on the general public. To celebrate the film's early digital release on (the US version of) iTunes, Good Morning America had a live sing-along across various locales in the States yesterday, with hundreds of people belting out "Let It Go."

As animation fans and ardent supporters of Frozen, it's immensely joyful to see people en masse take to the film as much as we have. The sing-along includes clips of kids, adults, youth choirs, news reporters, members of the US army, Disney animators, Disney World staff and customers, and Elsa herself, Idina Menzel, all singing the film's central song. And it's really quite impressive. Check it out below!

Via Rotoscopers

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