Wednesday 23 May 2012

Lee Unkrich Speaks About the Untitled Pixar Movie About the Día de los Muertos

Out of CinemaCon last month we learned that Toy Story 3 director, Lee Unkrich, is working on a new film, about the Mexican Day of the Dead! The very unusual premise is certainly an interesting one, Toy Story 3 delved into dark territory and some aspects of mortality, but not until this film will Pixar have tackled death so explicitly in one of their films.

Speaking to L.A. Times yesterday, Unkrich acknowledged the great fanbase Pixar has in Mexico and that the studio wanted to give back to them in some way:

""Pixar movies do extremely well in Mexico," Unkrich said in mid-May, as he was waiting to offer notes to the filmmakers of the studio's next movie, "Brave," at a screening at the Skywalker Ranch in Marin County. "This will allow us to explore a really fascinating aspect of the culture there.""

Although the film, which is, like Toy Story 3, produced by Darla K. Anderson also, will likely explore sombre territory like Finding Nemo and Up did, Unkrich's next film will focus on "a very different view of death than the American one,", citing that "It's not spooky. It's celebratory."

We're a while off a release for the film yet, tentatively scheduled for a late 2015 release date, but we'll presumably be hearing more about it, as well as The Good Dinosaur and Pete Docter's Mind Film, once Brave is released this summer and advertising for Monsters University is underway.

On the subject of the, often harsh, Brain Trust feedback process, Lee said:

"The trick is, you have to be willing to contribute your own bad idea, so we can all get to the good ones,"

That seems to just about sum it up. Read the full story at L.A. Times.

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