Tuesday 22 May 2012

New Pixar Videos: Finding Nemo 3D Trailer and Brave TV Spot

Disney and Pixar continue to roll out the promotional videos for their 2012 releases: their latest feature Brave, and Finding Nemo 3D. Following on from the teaser trailer we got a few months back, Pixar have now unveiled the full-length theatrical trailer for the 3D re-release of Andrew Stanton's Academy Award winning 2003 release, Finding Nemo (above).

Well edited to focus on the parts of the movie that are sure to look great in Disney's solid 3D, as well as highlighting the beautiful, visceral animation that'll feel even more immersive, the trailer comes via Yahoo! Movies.

We're also treated to, yet another, video from Brave. The new TV spot (above), entitled "One Family", showcases the great family dynamic that is at the heart of Pixar's thirteenth feature film.

Brave hits US theatres on 22nd June, and UK theatres on 13th August. Finding Nemo 3D arrives in US theatres on 14th September (the day after my birthday) although who knows when it'll be released here in the UK; Beauty and the Beast 3D is only being released here now.

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