Friday 21 December 2012

DisneyToon Studios' Planes Now to Be Released Theatrically

DisneyToon Studios' controversial Cars spin-off, Planes, was previously intended for a direct-to-DVD release for next Autumn, however, Box Office Mojo now reports that it will be released in cinemas. A release date of 9th August, 2013 is cited, which will put it in box office competition with DreamWorks' seemingly Cars-esque Turbo (check out the teaser trailer for that film here).

As Upcoming Pixar points out, with John Lasseter producing, this could be a sign that the film has turned out really rather well. On the flip-side, the much more pragmatic and pessimistic side, it could be just a ploy for money. We'll find out soon enough, I'm positive it won't be Pixar quality, but it should be enjoyable enough

Planes is directed by Klay Hall (The Simpsons, Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure) and stars the voices of Jon Cryer and Brad Garrett. In my interview with Superman Classic director Rob Pratt, he spoke about Planes and the team working on it, saying:

""PLANES" has been a pleasure to work on largely because of the support John Lasseter has shown for the production. "Cars" is clearly a passion project for him, and he is so excited about having that world expanded. My director, Klay Hall, is an inspiring guy to be around, so knowledgeable and a great collaborator. I've learned a lot from him! The story crew got to be very close - I truly like and respect everyone on our team. I'm very proud of how the movie is coming out!"

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  1. I think it is a ploy of money. I’m not saying it won’t be enjoyable but I don’t think it will be a masterpiece either. The only reason Disney is pushing a theatrical release is because they want to offer an alternative to the similar themed Turbo (which, by the way doesn’t look too good either, but I could be wrong). The Tinker Bell franchise is enjoyable enough but nobody is crying for a theatrical release of those movies and I have a feeling that Planes will be the same.