Thursday 3 January 2013

2013 Producers Guild Award Nominations Revealed (And New For Your Consideration Ads)

The Producers Guild of America have revealed the nominees for the 2013 Producers Guild Awards, honouring the best films of the past year. The nominees for the Award for Outstanding Producer of Animated Theatrical Motion Pictures are the five films that we've come to expect will be nominated (aside from the Golden Globes' odd inclusion of Hotel Transylvania, and exclusion of awards-favourite ParaNorman). It's sad to see that Aardman's fantastic The Pirates! is being nominated for so few awards, but the five films (and producers) nominated here are all deserving:

  • Brave (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures) - Producer: Katherine Sarafian
  • Frankenweenie (Walt Disney Pictures) - Producers: Allison Abbate, Tim Burton
  • ParaNorman (Focus Features) - Producers: Travis Knight, Arianne Sutner
  • Rise of the Guardians (Paramount Pictures) - Producers: Nancy Bernstein, Christina Steinberg
  • Wreck-It Ralph (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures) - Producer: Clark Spencer

Again, Disney have nabbed 3 nominations here, so they've got pretty good odds of taking home the coveted award! Disney have also rolled out a new For Your Consideration ad for each of their animation hopefuls, all striking in their own right. It seems, picking up on the awards its scooped up in the last few weeks (and Cartoon Brew's current layout), that Disney has taken to focusing on advertising Frankenweenie, as the "Best Reviewed Animated Film of the Year". Check out an ad for DreamWorks' Rise of the Guardians below too. Although, this late into awards season, ParaNorman does seem to be the one to beat.

For Your Consideration ads via Awards Daily.

In related news, it's great to see Skyfall get a nomination for what equates to PGA's Best Picture award! The 23rd James Bond film's Oscar prospects are looking pretty good as of late - particularly in terms of Direction, Cinematography and Original Song - and it's good to see my second favourite film of 2012 get some recognition here. Shame there's no The Dark Knight Rises in the mix though... Check out a great For Your Consideration ad for Skyfall here, and a nice one for Rian Johnson's Looper too.

The winners will be announced on 26th January at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, California

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  1. Rooting for "WRECK-IT RALPH" all the way!!!