Saturday 5 January 2013

Damn You, Pixar: More Tantalising Newt Concept Art

*sigh* Pixar, will you ever let us move on?

newt was by far my most anticipated Pixar film, we didn't know much about it, only a premise and some gorgeous concpet art (here and here -- you can view it all here), but I was hooked; I don't remember ever connecting quite so much to quite so little. So, I was rather upset when the film was cancelled - due in part to plot similarities to Blue Sky Studios' Rio. Pixar, though, won't let us mourn in piece, and insist on showering us with yet more beautiful concept art and references to the film, and today we get more still, via former Pixarian Katy Wu, who shared some of the work she did on the film on her personal blog.

We've seen a couple of these pieces before, but some of (well, all of) this new batch are just absolutely breathtaking! I particularly love the one at the top (though these two are still my favourites): I feel emotional just looking at these pieces, imagine how great the film might have been!

Hat tip to the German Pixar Blog, who unearthed Katy's post (and to Pixar Post, who I noticed it through). Pixar have clearly lost quite a talent with Miss Wu, whose work (she also released some gorgeous concept art for Enrico Casarosa's La Luna, bottom) is absolutely stunning. newt was to be directed by Gary Rydstrom, the acclaimed sound designer who also directed the Pixar shorts Lifted and Hawaiian Vacation.

We've seen the bottom two pieces before.

My theory, that I postulated a few months back, is that newt, in fact, isn't gone for good. Rather, it is hibernating, working out its story kinks and putting space between itself and Rio and the similarly plotted Alpha and Omega, like WALL-E and Cars did before it - just far more publicly. And boy, I really do hope that theory's true...Giving perhaps some more credence to this, Katy's post, and the concept art, was deleted from her blog just as I was typing this post!

Katy's stunning La Luna concept art.

Should you be interested, you can read my aforementioned theory on newt here.

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