Wednesday 8 October 2014

Inside Out First Impressions: A New Era for Pixar.

Pixar's 15th feature film is coming next summer and last week we got our first glimpse of the film, via a very good teaser trailer. Aside from making us remember all the good emotions that the Pixar films have helped us experience throughout the years, the teaser also shows us the main protagonists of the new film - with charming results.

Inside Out has been the subject of high anticipation since it was announced; its premise has been hailed as original and fresh, with most of the internet claiming that this film will be "a return to form" from Pixar, who have been the subject of attacks since 2011, when Cars 2 stormed into theatres. These past, post-Toy Story 3 years have been harsh for the animation studio, with many people saying that Pixar has "lost its touch" or are "only doing sequels." Add to that the troubled productions of Cars 2 and Brave and the complete overhaul that The Good Dinosaur is undergoing, and Inside Out is seen as the breath of fresh air that the studio needs.

For the record, I don't share the notion that Pixar "lost their magic," but it's undeniable that their last three films are not in the same league as those up to Toy Story 3. That does not mean they're bad, but rather that, compared to their predecessors, they do suffer a little. As I've said in the past, I think Pixar is going through a period of decline, which is typical for most studios. That's not the same as saying they're going "downhill," but merely that they are in a period of transition, and during such periods there will naturally tend to be some conflict and some dip in quality.

Fortunately,with Inside Out, it looks like Pixar is taking the reins again and is ready for a new era. I like to think that this year they took off helped them rethink and plan their strategy for their future slate. In the teaser, Pixar is celebrating its great legacy (which is amazing considering Toy Story is only just 19-years-old this year) while offering an exciting new film. The teaser reminds us why we loved Pixar in the first place and why we are going to keep loving it. The new characters seem funny and endearing and, while not many details are given, what little footage is shown is enough to get us excited. We are still many months away from the release, but the teaser already shows a Pixar that's ready to shut up the naysayers and give fans another film to love. It already looks like a new classic.

Inside Out, directed by Pete Docter and produced by Jonas Rivera,  premieres on 19th June, 2015 in the US and on 24th July, 2015 in the UK.

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