Friday 20 February 2015

Jorge Gutierrez is Working on an Untitled Kung Fu Space Western Movie

The first concept art released for the yet untitled film

Yes, you read that right. After The Book of Life (which was received reasonably well by this blog), Reel FX and writer/director Jorge Gutierrez are teaming up again for a multi-picture deal; this partnership will first bring us a story taking its cues from three distinct cinema genres: kung fu, space opera and western.

In an interview with Animation Scoop, Jorge Gutierrez revealed some of his many inspirations for this project, and the least we can say is that he doesn't intend to pull his punches, as proven by this excerpt:
And animation wise, we're going to make the fights pretty incredible. We're going to be putting the camera in places you've never thought of before. And as far as the design, what would New Orleans in the old west look like in space but with a Chinese influence on it? But as we always say, "What is the strongest flavor for this location?" It's baroque animation where you can be really busy as long as you help the audience look in the right place.
The plot revolves around "one of the galaxy’s most charming outlaws, the leader of a funny, ragtag crew of rebel bandits that are put on a collision course with a legendary villain to determine the fate of the galaxy."

This certainly promises to be a fun and wild ride. Do you think such a mash-up could work?

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