Saturday 24 October 2015

Disney is Planning a 'Tower of Terror' Movie

According to Deadline, Disney is working on a movie based on one of its famous theme parks' rides, the Tower of Terror. The attraction is itself connected to the CBS TV series The Twilight Zone and consists of a drop tower dark ride.

John August (Big Fish, Frankenweenie… ) went to Disney with a treatment for the film, and the studio is now looking for a screenwriter. Deadline says the story would be about 'five people in a posh hotel take an elevator and disappear after it is hit by lightning.'

This isn't the first time a Disney ride is being adapted into a feature film; Pirates of the Caribbean is of course the most famous example (the franchise's 5th film is currently in post-production), but there was also The Haunted Mansion (with Eddie Murphy) and Brad Bird's Tomorrowland was linked to Disneyland.

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