Friday 16 November 2012

Check Out Some New Rise of the Guardians Clips

The holidays are almost upon as, and DreamWorks rolls out its seasonal offering next week, the Peter Ramsey directed Rise of the Guardians. The film, based on William Joyce's Guardians of Childhood book series, sees childhood icons Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman and Jack Frost join together to fight the malevolent Boogeyman, Pitch.

So, DreamWorks are in full promotion mode and have released three new clips from the film, and an interesting behind the scenes peek at the many looks of the film (above). Check out the clips after the jump break.

I'm not all that crazy about some of the dialogue, but I'm still super excited for the film and, man, just look at that animation! I particularly like the "Santa's Toy Factory" clip - it really hammers home the gigantic scale of the film.

Some early reviews are coming in too, and they're positive - if a little underwhelmed. The Guardian's Xan Brooks calls it "fun and frantic", but says "somewhere amid the boisterous bouncing off chimney pots and skittering across rooftops, logic and substance are lost", awarding it three out of five stars. Den of Geek is more enthused, saying "It’s not quite DreamWorks Animation at the peak of its powers, but it’s really not far off at all", adding that "when the movie hits top gear, it’s exhilarating, exciting, and a tightly constructed ride", giving the film four out of five stars.

Guardians features an all-star cast including Alec Baldwin, Hugh Jackman and Chris Pine, and opens in the US on 21st November, and the UK on 30th. In the meantime, check out our interview with Guardians writer William Joyce, and our review of the fantastic accompanying Art of book.

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  1. Exited and waiting for it, although its likely going to be a while before it gets to Costa Rica.
    Im surprised how animators now days have found fresh new ways, to represent these holyday and not really holyday characters. I find it the most imaginative to be the tooth fairy represented as a hummingbird-like but my favorite is Santa, a jolly tattooed giant oblivious of his disregard for the safety of his peers.