Monday 30 May 2016

'Cars 3': Production has Started and a Director has Been Announced

A Cars 3 concept art by Pixar artist Noah Klocek

Cars 3 has been scheduled for a June 2017 release for a long time, but the film was so shy since it's been announced, some people were starting to wonder if it had been cancelled - myself included. At last, we've got some news on the project: a director, some new characters names, a tease of the story and even two concept arts. More below.

USA Today spilled the beans on Cars 3. First: it finally has a director - Brian Fee; Fee was a story artist on the first two Cars movies, so it makes sense he was offered the third one.

The film will introduce new characters to the Cars universe: Cruz Ramirez, who is described as a "young Hispanic female race car who instructs Lightning McQueen"; she will help a now veteran McQueen to get ready for a race called Florida 500.
The story sounds like a twist on the first Cars, where our hero was a rookie who wanted to beat the all-timers. Now he is the old-timer and younger racers want to dethrone him - including a new character called Jackson Storm.

Another Noah Klocek concept art - the yellow car is Cruz Ramirez

Contrary to Cars 2, the film will be entirely set in America. In fact, no mention of the Cars 2 events or new characters is made in the USA Today story. Cars 3 really sounds like a truer sequel to the original movie than Cars 2 was.

Learn more about Cars 3 in the USA Today post.

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