Friday 31 August 2012

Best of The Last Ten Years A113Animation Awards Longlist

A few weeks ago, we announced our special A113Animation Awards. This time, we're honouring the "Best Animated Film of the Last Ten Years (2001 - 2011)" (well, actually, that's eleven years... but still), and giving you a say! Since we announced the competition, we've had a poll up on our official Facebook page, to cast your vote in the first round, making sure your favourites go through to the next round! The rules were that any film that receives a vote will progress to the longlist, with the two highest voted films going straight through to the final shortlist nominees. The other films will be subject to more rounds of voting. We also counted votes we received on Twitter. The final tally for the "A113Animation Award for People's Favourite Animated Film of the Last Ten Years" can be viewed after the jump break. And the longlist for A113Animation's choices follows after.

The films are ordered by the number of votes they received (Pixar films are certainly popular in the upper echelon of votes; 2010 was also the most popular year) and the two films in bold are through to the final round of voting automatically. The year of release (US release) accompanies the film, and the number of votes received overall are in brackets. Thanks to everyone who voted (we received 92 votes over all!) and for making this our most viewed and most interactive Facebook page post ever!

Note, votes received for films released this year (namely, Brave) or films that aren't fully animated (Hop) have been discounted.

WALL-E – 2008 (14)
Toy Story 3 – 2010 (13)
Up – 2009 (10)
Finding Nemo – 2003 (7)
The Incredibles – 2004 (7)
Kung Fu Panda – 2007 (5)
Spirited Away – 2005 (5)
Monsters, Inc. – 2001 (4)
The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn – 2011 (3)
How to Train Your Dragon – 2010 (3)
Ratatouille – 2007 (3)
Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit – 2005 (3)
Fantastic Mr. Fox – 2009 (2)
Kung Fu Panda 2 – 2011 (2)
Lilo & Stitch – 2002 (2)
The Princess and the Frog – 2009 (2)
Shrek – 2001 (2)
Bolt – 2008 (1)
Coraline – 2009 (1)
Despicable Me – 2010 (1)
Flushed Away – 2006 (1)
Howl’s Moving Castle – 2005 (1)
Ice Age – 2002 (1)
The Illusionist – 2010 (1)
Shrek 2 – 2004 (1)
The Simpsons Movie – 2007 (1)
Tangled – 2010 (1)

So, WALL-E and Toy Story 3 are through to the final list of nominees. The other 25 films on the longlist will be subject to more rounds of voting (both here, and on Facebook) and 4 more films will join Toy Story 3 and WALL-E, giving a shortlist of 6 films. These will then be voted on here on the blog, and the winner announced thereafter.


Also, I've chosen between 1 and 3 films from each of the years (2001 - 2011), depending on the quality of output that year, to derive the longlist for the "A113Animation Award for Best Animated Film of the Last Ten Years", which you can view below. I'll announce the shortlist of 6 when the final poll for the "People's Favourite" award is put up.

Shrek – 2001
Monsters, Inc. - 2001
Ice Age - 2002
Lilo & Stitch – 2002
Finding Nemo – 2003
The Incredibles – 2004
Shrek 2 – 2004
Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit – 2005
Happy Feet – 2006
Ratatouille – 2007
The Simpsons Movie – 2007
Bolt – 2008
Kung Fu Panda – 2008
WALL-E – 2008
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – 2009Up – 2009
Toy Story 3 – 2010
How to Train Your Dragon – 2010
Tangled – 2010
Kung Fu Panda 2 – 2011
The Adventures of Tintin – 2011

Thanks to everyone who's participated thus far, and look out for the next polls (in waves of two: one here and one on Facebook, then another one here and another one on Facebook) in the coming weeks!


The remaining 25 films of your voting have been divided into four groups (3 groups of 6 and 1 group of 7). The polls for Group 1 and Group 2 are up; Group 1 over on our Facebook page, and Group 2 here on the blog (over to the right). Cast your vote in each poll, which will run for two weeks, until 14th September, the winning two films will join WALL-E and Toy Story 3 on the shortlist. The polls for Groups 3 and 4 will then arrive online, and once those have run, the final poll will go up, to decide the winner.

Have your say, now!

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