Friday 24 August 2012

Pixar Short Films Volume 2 Due on 13th November

It's a good time to be an American Pixar fan. With Finding Nemo 3D and Monsters, Inc. 3D due in cinemas later this year, Brave due on DVD and Blu-ray and Nemo due on Blu-ray for the first time, there was already a lot of Pixar goodies to enjoy - and now there's one more. Pixar Short Films Collection: Volume 2, which we saw hints at a while back (originating in our interview with La Luna director Enrico Casarosa), has now been officially dated for a (US) release date of 13th November.

This'll be a particularly grand day for US fans, as Brave is due for home video release that same day! Stitch Kingdom tells us that the Blu-ray collection is now available to pre-order on Amazon. The collection will include shorts from where the first collection left off, from Your Friend the Rat up, at least, until this year's La Luna. We can also glean from the cover-art (above) that the set will include the Toy Story Toons - or at least Hawaiian Vacation. No word on whether it'll include Partysaurus Rex, and we'll have to wait for an official announcement to get the full break down of shorts included.

Exciting news, also, though, is that the collection will include student films by John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton and Pete Docter! Included, at least, are John Lasseter's Nitemare and The Lady and the Lamp; Stitch Kingdom detail even more too. The collection will also contain special features looking at how some of the Pixar talent got their start in animation.

Exciting news indeed and a must for any Pixar fan! No word on a UK release date though.


  1. Here's a bit of interesting info I discovered about Pixar shorts in South Africa. I tried to tell some of the other Pixar blogs, but no one seems interested (their loss). I recently discovered a "Pixar Shorts Mini Collection" listed on three prominent South African online stores. Only one has a description and it sounds exactly like the Shorts Vol. 1, which I am guessing is a mistake.
    The interesting part is that the cover artwork features Hawaiian Vacation and Small Fry, alongside Mike's New Car and some Carstoons! It is also extremely cheap, about R30 which is less than $4.
    Have a look here:
    and here:

    1. That is bizarre, Charl, you're right. The description sounds, as you say, like the first Pixar Shorts Collection. But the cover art suggests otherwise. The problem is: which do we assume to be a mistake? The cover or the description.

      Nonetheless, a great find! I'll post about it soon. Thanks, Charl!

    2. Thanks for posting this story :) I am assuming the description is the mistake, as none of the other sites have it and the Shorts Vol.1 is still available online in SA, as well as in stores. The South African distributors are not always very reliable, so I guess they did not supply the stores with a description and someone copied the wrong text onto the site. That would be my explanation for the 2008 date on the other site as well.

      What I forgot to mention earlier is that, even though all the sites feature the same image, I suspect this to be a European cover. The green triangle with the U and the blue G in the bottom left corner are not symbols used on South African DVDs. Our country uses different age restriction symbols and they are always on the back of the box. I have only seen this on DVDs I ordered from the UK, so I think you can expect the product to make its appearance over there sometime. I do not know what symbols US DVDs use.

      Very interesting! I think I will buy one soon. If I do I will let you know what I get.