Monday 20 August 2012

Some Details About a Brave-Based Short Film - And a Catch-Up on the "Umbrella" Short

It's been a tradition since 2001, that when a Pixar film hits home video formats, it will be accompanied by the short-film that preceded it in cinemas, and a new feature-based short exclusive to DVDs, Blu-rays and digital copies of the film. Monsters, Inc. had Mike's New Car, The Incredibles had Jack Jack Attack, WALL-E had BURN-E, and so on. Pixar's last two features, Toy Story 3 and Cars 2 haven't had one on their home video releases, but Brave looks set to return to the tradition.

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Callum O'Neill, who voiced the hilarious Wee Dingwall in Brave spoke to Female First about Brave's home video short, working on the film with Mark Andrews and Pixar, and voice-acting in general:

"There is a short film in the Brave DVD, that is being put in there as an extra, it is about two minutes long and is a scene between my character and Julie Walters' character the witch.

Now Julie Walters and I have never met even though we are in the same scene together - she was in the studio between the 5pm and 7pm and I was in the studio from 7pm until 8pm."

Sounds intriguing! These shorts are usually pure fun, so expect more of the slapstick and hilarity of Jack Jack Attack than the serene calmness of La Luna. Upcoming Pixar also conjects that the short may see the sons of each of the three clans visiting the witch - looking for help in love maybe?

Brave arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on 13th November in the US; no word yet on a home video release date for the UK, but given it's only been in cinemas here a week, I'd say it's unlikely to be this year. Be sure to check out our review of Brave if you haven't done so already, too!


Also, briefly, I haven't posted about it before now because there hasn't been that much substantial evidence to post - and I keep forgetting; but now seems as relevant a time as any - but it seems Pixar's next feature-released short film is well underway. The Pixar Times uncovered a viral marketing strategy by Pixar, a Tumblr site called Rainy City Tales 332. The site provides little snippets of insight into the behind-the-scenes of the untitled short, frequently showing an umbrella, leading to the belief that that'll be the protagonist will be an umbrella - given the rain, maybe in a similar vein to Red's Dream.

We also got proof it's a Pixar project, when a whiteboard close-up made reference to "stealing MU [rigging] system" - referring to Monsters University, the film to which it will surely be attached. ParaNorman composer Jon Brion was also announced to be scoring the short late last month by The Playlist. A few posts on the Tumblr site make reference to the animation being almost done, so maybe the short will go on a festival tour before its wide-release, like La Luna did last year.

Sounds exciting, and we can't wait to hear more! Be sure to follow Rainy City Tales 332's Twitter account too.

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