Thursday 9 August 2012

ParaNorman Cast Interview

Fox Houston's Jake Hamilton, of the Emmy-winning "Jake's Takes" - and one of the best and most interesting interviewers on the Internet - recently uploaded an interview (above) with some of the cast of Laika's upcoming stop-motion animated feature, ParaNorman.

Jake interviews Kodi Smit-McPhee, - who voices the titular Norman - Anna Kendrick - who voices Norman's older sister, Courtney - and Leslie Mann - who voices their mum. Included amongst the original questions put by Jake to the cast were which classic horror films they'd like to see remade in stop-motion, and their thoughts about the film's message of it being a good thing to be different.

It's also great to hear the enthusiasm they all have for the film! Laika (who previously brought us Coraline) should write Jake a substantial check, because this interview got me more excited for ParaNorman than most of the trailers!

ParaNorman opens in US cinemas on 17th August and UK cinemas on 14th September. I'll also be reviewing The Art and Making of ParaNorman from Chronicle Books in the near future!

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