Saturday 7 September 2013

New Sky Broadband Ad Advertises Toy Story of Terror

This rather shameless new ad for Sky Fibre Broadband also sorta serves as our first promo for Pixar's Halloween special, Toy Story of Terror. No word on when the special (which airs in America on ABC on 16th October) will show in the UK yet, but I'd imagine it'll be before or on Halloween, and it will show on Sky Movies | Disney.

Be sure to check out the new poster we got earlier in the week too.

UPDATE - 07/09/2013, 21:29 (GMT): Some readers said they couldn't view the video from their country, so we've uploaded it to our channel; you should be able to check it out now.

Via Bleeding Cool


  1. This video is not available in my country.. :(

  2. Oh really? Well that sucks. If you've got Chrome, try installing the ProxMate add-on, that lets me see US-only videos - I imagine it works the opposite way too!

  3. Al of Pixar Corner8 September 2013 at 08:16, Pixar makes the best ads.

  4. You know you're good when you can even make a broadband ad fun! ;)