Monday 16 September 2013

Cool New Frozen Poster; New Trailer in Ten Days

As The Rotoscopers are about to explode in a big ball of fanboy and fangirl joy, Disney are rolling out some more exciting stuff for Frozen! We've got a snowy new poster for the film, showing off its main characters (no Sven, - Kristoff's reindeer - though), and co-director Jennifer Lee promises a new trailer on the 26th!

The positioning of the characters is very interesting; Disney seem determined to focus their advertising around Olaf, despite our understanding that he's a secondary, comic-relief character. They also seem to want you to believe it's a light-hearted family comedy - not the tone we got at all from the song that'll apparently open the film (then again, look at how misleading the advertising for Tangled was, and that seemed to work well enough). Also, up until now I'd assumed Anna's (voice of Kristen Bell) love interest was mountain man Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), but it's Prince Hans (Santino Fontana) who's looking lovingly at her in the poster, while Kristoff is next to Anna's sister, the Snow Queen, Elsa (Idina Menzel). Love square, perhaps?

And it may seem a bit late (just two months and one day removed from the release of the film), but Jennifer Lee (screenwriter, Wreck-It Ralph) has promised that the full trailer for Frozen will arrive online on 26th September - so in exactly 10 days' time! If it's anything like the international trailers we've seen for the film (i.e. less focus on Olaf, more focus on the sisters, showcasing the epic feel of the film), then I'm definitely excited.

Frozen looks set to be a great end to a rather underwhelming year of animation, when it opens on 27th November. It then arrives in the UK a week after on 6th December.


  1. Al of Pixar Corner17 September 2013 at 08:03 least it has the other characters in it and not JUST Olaf. Although it still makes it seem like Olaf is the protagonist...

    Overall though, I still like the poster. Fingers crossed that the trailer is the epic, action-packed one we've been waiting for.

  2. Yeah, and I'm not sure how well it fits the story having the supposedly troubled Elsa happily smiling away with the rest of the characters...

    Nice poster though.