Friday 20 September 2013

[UPDATED] Watch: Leaked Trailer for Disney's Frozen

The first full trailer for Disney's Frozen is due to land online in less than a week (26th), but if you can't wait that long, and don't mind low-res quality and a very shaky camera, then the trailer's been leaked online already! The trailer is playing in Australia in front of Disney's Planes (which has just opened there), and one Tumblr user recorded it (tut, tut. But thanks.) and it's since made its way onto YouTube. Check it out in all its icy glory above!

There's definitely still a lot of Tangled about the film, but when it looks this enjoyable, who really cares? Anna looks like a lot of fun, and while we sadly don't see a lot of her sister Elsa (the formerly titular Snow Queen), we also don't see too much of Olaf. So that should allay the fears of people who had been assuming, from all the very Olaf-centric advertising, that there'd be too much focus on him in the film. I assume the lack of Elsa is to hide the majority of her quite complex role in the film, so that the audience are pleasantly surprised when they see it.

Frozen arrives in cinemas on 27th November in America, and 6th December in the UK. And that wait feels as though it's just got a lot longer. What do you make of the trailer?

UPDATE - 20:40 (GMT): Disney were quite quick off the mark; the trailer has already been taken down from all the sources I can find. If you missed it, I guess you'll have to do it the old fashioned way and wait until Thursday.

Via, you guessed it, The Rotoscopers. Check out our guest editorial by Morgan from The Rotoscopers, about Disney's marketing of their princess movies as of late, including Frozen.

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