Monday 11 July 2011

Luke's Corner: Week 4

Hello, sorry for the hiccups due to my prior engagements and scheduling conflicts, but I am back and I promise that my punctuality will improve greatly.

So for Week 4 of Luke's Corner I will be talking about quite an old but a film that nobody could forget about. The one, the only, Finding Nemo!

Finding Nemo is truly inspiring, yet also funny, and a film that will entertain people of all ages for years to come. This film is probably the greatest film  set under the sea (which says a lot, considering that greatness of The Little Mermaid).

Basically the plot is about a clown fish, called Nemo, who, when on a school expedition gets captured by a diver who takes him to a dentist and his fish tank. His father, Marlin, has to go on a grueling search for his lost son and on the way he befriends a not so sharp fish, called Dory, who admits that she has short term memory loss. While on their hunt for his son, they come across a group of sharks who seem to be evil but really, in this case, they're harmless. I won't ruin the whole plot for people who haven't seen it but there is a lot to the film. Pixar are so very special, and they completely shatter any preconceptions people may have about fish and about people coming into this film.

Finding Nemo has some great moments in it that could keep you laughing for hours on end. For example there is a moment where Dory is trying to remember what the address was on the diver's goggles, it provides comic relief, but, more than that, is genuinely funny.

Overall I give it a 9/10 because it is an utterly great movie from Pixar, but there were some moments that dragged along a little bit.

Ups: Funny, Great Storyline, Amazing Animation

Downs: Some moments lasted too long

Hope you enjoyed week 4 of Luke's Corner,

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