Tuesday 19 July 2011

Pixar at IGN

The film, game and more, news and reviews website, IGN, has posted a couple of interviews with Cars 2 director, John Lasseter. The animation pioneer shares details about the hidden details of Pixar films (above), such as the Pizza Planet Truck and A113 (which this blog is named after) and tells you what you should keep your eyes out for in Cars 2 (which opens here in the UK on Friday).

Secondly, Lasseter shares details about the progress of the film (below) and how it became a spy film in the first place (based on a scrapped drive-in movie scene from Cars 1), as well as the huge scope and scale of the film.

Both of these interviews are very interesting and are getting me incredibly hyped for the film's UK debut on Friday, keep your eyes out for my review shortly thereafter.

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