Saturday 16 July 2011

More on Toy Story 4

Uh oh!

Following on from Tom Hanks' worrying interviews last month, where he said that Pixar is currently making Toy Story 4, we now get more to fuel the fire and the speculation. IMDB is listing Toy Story 4 for a 2015 release date.

This doesn't mean that it is definitely going to happen, however, in addition to Hanks' comments, it's certainly a big hint. A big worrying hint.

Pixar has never let us down before, and people reacted in much the same way to the announcement of Toy Story 3, however, I believe we have cause to be worried. Pixar ended the trilogy perfectly with Toy Story 3, and I don't think they could reach the emotional poignancy and perfection of 3, so why try? They're getting dangerously close to Shrek territory.

I guess only time will tell, I know I'd certainly pay to see Toy Story 4, but I'm sceptical.


  1. I love Pixar. Heck, I'd sweep floors if it meant I could work there.

    But have they learned nothing from the mixed results from their latest two sequels? Toy Story 3 was good, but certainly not near the level of excellence of its predecessors. Likewise, Cars is a perennial favorite at our house, but Cars 2 paled greatly in comparison - it had much less of the wit, heart, and charm that the first movie had in spades.

    John & Co., let the sequel thing go. Stop the blitzkrieg marketing. Get back to your roots and bring more awesome movies to life!

  2. I'd hardly say that Toy Story 3 got mixed results, it was fantastic, I'd still say I prefer TS2, but 3 was nominated for Best Picture, you can't overlook that. Can't judge on Cars 2 yet, still not out in the UK yet.

    But I completely agree with you about not wanting a Toy Story 4, there's no way they can top the ending of Toy Story 3 anyway.