Sunday 3 July 2011

Interview: Mo Alcaraz of The Road to Pixar Team

Yesterday, I published my interview with Marco Bongiorno of the 'Road to Pixar' team, who are planning a trip to Pixar in a life-sized replica of the famed Pizza Planet Truck. The team have some big stuff coming on the Fourth of July, so today, to build to that, I'm publishing another interview, with Mo Alcaraz, who answers much the same questions in some very different ways:

A113Animation: Firstly, for those of us that may not know what 'The Road to Pixar' is about, tell us a little bit:
Mo Alcaraz: We feel that movies inspire us and stick with us through the course of most (if not all) of our lives, and Pixar movies are no different. We also like the disruptive nature of injecting pop culture into a living breathing society, hoping to engage people's curious nature. By building the Pizza Planet truck from the Pixar films and driving across California, we hope to blend the two.

A113: The ultimate goal is Pixar, obviously, what are your thoughts about Pixar?
MA: To me, Pixar embodies the perfection combination of storytelling, technology, and art. What I hope are primary ingredients in my life's work.

A113: What is your favourite Pixar film; why?

MA: Toy Story 3. Although all Toy Story films have themes which are reflected in us, the third installment has the most diverse and powerful themes of relationships, attachment, growing up, finding love, losing/gaining hope, and home.

A113: Who is your favourite Pixar character; why?
MA: Eve - "Wall-E", she is strong, flies, and has integrated weapons.

A113: When can we expect the next big update?

MA: Tomorrow

A113: Will you be making a stop on the journey to see Cars 2; what do you make of the idea of Pixar making a sequel to arguably their weakest film?

MA: I think it helps promote their new expansion of Disney's California Adventure, by bringing added awareness. Will it be the "redeeming" film? I don't know.

Keep you eyes peeled tomorrow for updates on their website and another interview here.

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