Saturday 2 July 2011

Interview: Marco Bongiorno of The Road to Pixar Team

I had a chance recently to ask Marco from The Road of Pixar Team a few questions, I'm very grateful to Marco for the interview. I encourage you all to pay the blog a visit:

A113Animation: Firstly, for those of us that may not know what 'The Road to Pixar' is about, tell us a little bit about it:
Marco Bongiorno: The Road to Pixar is a full length documentary that will follow our crew as we go about building a full sized functioning replica of the Pizza Planet Truck. Originally we just wanted to build the truck to see how people would react when they saw it passing them on the road and whatnot. After a while it evolved into the project it is today, documenting the hilarity that goes along with driving around in the Pizza Planet Truck, while interviewing those who want to talk about how Pixar Films (specifically the Toy Story Trilogy) have effected their lives through anecdotes and comedic recreations.

A113: When did the project start; when is it expected to run until?
MB: The concept for the project came about around a year ago, however school and a few other smaller projects have prevented us from giving it our full attention. We are planning on finishing the build over summer and having the truck ready to go for the holidays but things could always change.

A113: The ultimate goal is Pixar, obviously, what are your thoughts about Pixar?
MB: I think the team that has assembled at Pixar are some of the more creative individuals working in film today. This is a much played down version of my usual spiel, but to sum it up in as few words as possible I'd say that I think Pixar is causing the viewing public to rethink the boundaries of animation and realize that it is just another form of film. I could go on for hours about this.

A113: What is your favourite Pixar film; why?
MB: Whenever I get asked this about any topic I usually skip the most obvious one, not to say that the obvious choice is an inferior choice in any way. So, not counting the one that started it all Toy Story, I would have to say that my favorite Pixar film has to be The Incredibles. Because it's perfect combination of action, comedy and a John Barry inspired score.

A113: Who is your favourite Pixar character; why?
MB: That's an interesting question. I'd have to say Woody because he's a classic cowboy. And you gotta love the floppy armed run.

A113: What was the inspiration for the project?
MB: A few months before we had the concept to make the truck we had built a few pop culture structures. First we built a wooden Totoro which we put up in a local art gallery for a few events along with our Peanuts Psychiatrist Booth. However just shy of his first birthday a freak gust of wind launched Totoro from the bed of our transport pickup. After his departure we thought we should end this pop culture as a trilogy and brainstormed about what would be the most epic finale. We eventually settled on a vehicle and thought of a few examples, The Batmobile, the various James Bond vehicles, Doc Brown's Delorean, The TARDIS, etc. Then we realized we needed something a bit closer to our generation and then it hit us. We kept comparing it to the Weinermobile at least when we thought of the reactions it would get when people would see it.

A113: You're launching an online campaign I believe, tell us a little about that:
MB: Right now we are in the process of posting several videos outlining the projects mission and whatnot. We are planning on rallying support from fans of Pixar Films, pop culture, movie cars, etc to help make this project a reality. We will also be starting an Indiegogo campaign this month to raise funds for the materials (and fuel) needed to complete the road trip. Through this we hope to connect to those who would be interested in meeting up with us along the way or just those who are interested in hearing more about the project.

A113: When can we expect the next big update?
MB: I'd say keep your eye peeled on the Fourth of July.

A113: Will you be making a stop on the journey to see Cars 2; what do you make of the idea of Pixar making a sequel to arguably their weakest film?
MB: I think most of the crew will have seen Cars 2 before we head out on the road trip. We might even organize a screening of a Pixar film or two along the way. When it comes to discussing Cars 2 I'd say that I think the Cars franchise is Pixar stretching their imaginations and having fun with what they can put in a movie. It's a bit of a guilty pleasure but you gotta admit that although they aren't breaking down too many wall they are entertaining and I think that's what counts.

A113: Anything else we should know?
MB: Keep updated on the project at the blog and follow us on Twitter. We'll post some previews and hints as we get farther along in the project.
Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

This interview was the first of a few. Stay tuned for more interviews with the rest of The Road to Pixar Team over the next few days.

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