Sunday 17 July 2011

The Pixar Process

The work that goes into making even one shot or scene of a Pixar movie takes years and is a phenomenal undertaking, one that can't be easily articulated, it is a journey that takes, usually, over 4 years. However, three Pixarians, Michael B. Johnson, Ricky Nierva and Soctt Clark appeared at the EG Conference that happened back in April, to give an insight into the huge workload in a Pixar movie, in particular Up (video above).

As well as seeing some of storyboarding on The Incredibles, we get an in depth look at the deep thought put into the production design of Up and its characters, namely the symbolism of the squares and circles of Carl, Russell and other characters, all the way through to blocking and to final animation. The painstaking attention to detail and to comedic and emotional timing is outstanding and reinforces why Pixar is atop the Computer Animation world.

Courtesy of The Pixar Times.

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