Wednesday 20 June 2012

Brave: Potion Making

Pixar has heavily shrouded the second act of Brave during promotion of its thirteenth feature film, that is, until very recently. Two weeks ago we got our first real look at the Witch (Julie Walters) who helps Merida change her fate, and today Pixar provide us with another, called "Potion Making".

"Potion Making" is the real turning point in the film, to the more mythical and magical elements, as well as some of the darker parts of the film, and the Witch looks like an insanely good character.

Be warned though, this clip contains pretty big SPOILERS, as do a lot of the recent ones, and, although they're great to hype you up for the film, I'm once again going into a Pixar film feeling like I more or less know the plot already.

Brave is released in the US in two days, on 22nd June, and here in the UK on 13th August.

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