Sunday 17 June 2012

Brave Review TV Spot

Brave is out in US theatres on 22nd June, that's this Friday! Although those of us here in the UK have to wait to until 13th August to see Pixar's latest, that hasn't quenched my excitement for it in the slightest. So, I was going through Pixar's YouTube channel, watching all of the Brave videos, and found the above video, posted a few days ago.

For some reason, this TV spot is unlisted so it only showed up when I clicked on my subscriptions list, and despite being up since the 14th, it has less than a hundred views. But, it's fantastic, as it shows, despite some negative reviews and that people are happy to search for Pixar's shortcomings, this is still a brilliant film. Cited as "visual magic" and "remarkable in every way", I'm still very, very excited for Brave, and have the utmost faith in Pixar.

The teaser still gives me goosebumps, and I have no doubts that the film will blow me away.

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