Friday 1 June 2012

Classic Cartoons #7 - Red's Dream

Since establishing this feature in early January, we've so far explored some old (in some cases very old) cartoons and short films that have helped define the careers of some of the prolific figures that have been the focus of our Bitesized Biographies, but also that have helped shape the history of animation. However, today's Classic Cartoon is the first from a more modern era in animation; the first from the era of computer animation. Today's Classic Cartoon is Red's Dream.

Red's Dream, directed, written and animated all by John Lasseter, is one of Pixar's earliest short films (their third, and their second whilst as Pixar Animation Studios) and remains one of its least known efforts. The animation is incredibly primitive looking by today's standards (in fact Pixar pre-production engineer, Michael B. Johnson, Tweeted recently that an iPhone 4 is 1000 times more powerful than the machine used to render Red's Dream), and its story is still one of Pixar's darkest ones, but Red's Dream is incredibly artistic, well designed, well executed and, as is the norm for Pixar, a testament to great storytelling!

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