Saturday 2 June 2012

New Brave Clip and Stills

Pixar have released a glut of new promotional material as of late, for their next feature film, Brave, and over the last couple of days, we've got a few more great bits! Firstly, above is the newest clip from the movie, titled "The Suitors". It sees the three Lords, and their respective sons (who were introduced to us in "The Prize"), who are vying for the hand of Princess Merida, trying to one up each other by touting the wares of the three clans.

Personally, I love Lord Macintosh! And I'm rather fond of the MacGuffins too... come to mention it, Dingwall was rather funny as well... yeah, I'm rather taken with the Lords and the mini-Lords. Leave it to Pixar to, once again, populate a film with such fantastic characters!

Secondly, we're also treated to a dozen new gorgeous images from the film, courtesy of Disney Brazil (view all 12 over at Cine Marcado).

Brave looks absolutely stunning, one of Pixar's most visually fantastic films to date, and it certainly looks like it has the story and characters to make this one of Pixar's best films to date! Roll on 22nd June - or, begrudgingly, 13th August here in the UK.

Look out for a review of Chronicle Books's The Art of Brave in the next few days!

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