Tuesday 5 June 2012

The First Four Wreck-It Ralph Stills

Ahead of the release of the first trailer this Friday, Disney have released the first stills from their 52nd animated feature film, Wreck-It Ralph. USA Today bring us four new stills from the highly anticipated animated film, which is said to do for video games what Toy Story did for toys.

The above still sees the film's main character, once video game villain, Ralph (John C. Reilly) seeking to mend his ways by handing out Pac-Man cherries to out of work video game characters from Q*Bert, and is our first real look at the film's protagonist in computer animated form. Loving the 8-bit inspired design of Ralph and the great, vibrant atmosphere of the still.

The scene at the top is playing out inside a power strip (above), which is "their [the video game characters] answer to Grand Central Station as they travel into one another's video games."

Two other images introduce us to the characters of Sgt. Calhoun (Glee's Jane Lynch, above) and Vanellope von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman, below), the former being a hard-as-nails soldier in Halo looking game, Hero's Duty. The latter is a young girl character from the Mario Kart inspired game Sugar Rush, who becomes like a little sister to the repentant Ralph.

I'm loving the range of these stills and Wreck-It Ralph looks set to be another fantastic addition to the Disney canon, hopefully continuing that Third Golden Age we've talked about.

Check out the images and some accompanying snippets at USA Today, and view them in hi-res above (via Dutch blog, Animatie. Keep an eye out here for the posting of the trailer as soon as it's online!

Wreck-It Ralph is due out on 2nd November in the US and 15th February, 2013 here in the UK, and will be paired with Disney's latest buzz-generating short, Paperman.

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