Wednesday 6 June 2012

New Brave Featurette Gives Us Our Longest Look At The Witch

Pixar continue to roll out the clips for Brave - at this point I feel as if I've seen a decent portion of the film already - today in the form of another parody video. Following on from previous parodies, Kilt and Freedom Broch, today's featurette, titled Witch Brew (above), gives us our most extended look at the Witch so far!

The witch plays a very important and pivotal roll in the well guarded second act of the movie, and this clip should definitely be avoided if you want to try and go into the film knowing as little as possible - it's quite packed with potential spoilers.

That said, it is a very funny clip and the Witch is a wonderful character! She exudes life and a creepy charm, much like Mama Odie in Disney's The Princess and the Frog and is very well designed to that end.


Also, I went to go see Men in Black 3 today (it's surprisingly good, Josh Brolin's great too, see it if you can) and was pleasantly surprised by the sheer amount of Brave advertising in place! You can see a snippet of some of the posters, boards and other advertisements that were scattered around our local Vue Cinema above and below, but it doesn't do it justice; it's not a huge cinema and it was jammed full of Brave stuff. There was hardly anything else!

It really hypes you up even more for the film. Brave is released on 22nd June in the US and 13th August in the UK.

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