Tuesday 12 February 2013

Albert Brooks Set to Return for Finding Nemo 2

Brooks (center) with Willem Defoe and John Lasseter at the premiere of
Finding Nemo 3D.

Deadline is reporting that Albert Brooks, who so brilliantly lent his voice to father-clownfish Marlin in 2003's Finding Nemo, has signed on to reprise the role in Pixar's planned sequel. Finding Nemo is a source of unanimous praise, and one area that attracts significant adulation is its voice cast; in August we heard that Ellen DeGeneres was in talks to return to the role of Dory in the follow-up, so it's very reassuring to see that Brooks is back too.

Brooks was an absolute standout in an already brilliant film and, whatever direction Pixar take with the second film, - whether it be a sequel or a prequel - this is definitely going to help it be good. Brooks has taken a while to get pinned down to return though, likely affected by his recent bad-ass turn in 2011's Drive. It'll be interested to see - dependant on it being a sequel, of course - whether or not Alexander Gould, the voice of Nemo, (now 18) returns.

Who we do know, supposedly, is returning is director Andrew Stanton, who most recently directed controversial live-action film John Carter for Disney. Lindsey Collins (also John Carter) is set to produce and Victoria Strouse is handling the script. A 2016 release is being aimed for.

I'm more and more intrigued by Finding Nemo 2 as time passes, but I still can't quite escape the feeling it's just not necessary. But, at the end of the day, I trust Pixar, and I'm but a mere mortal, so if they want to make one, I believe they have ample cause.

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  1. Very interesting and reassuring that Albert Brooks is attached for the sequel. I have also the feeling is not necessary to make this film but, the same can be said for TS 2, TS 3 and MU (Cars 2 was really not essential at all) so I'm giving the benefit of the doubt for this one. Besides Andrew Stanton did an excellent job with both the first Nemo and Wall-E (haven't seen John Carter and I'm not really interested) that this one could turn out to be great!

    1. Very valid point! I'll admit, when I first heard about Toy Story 3, I was definitely *not* on board with the idea. But then it turned out to be one of the best films I've ever seen!

      I think the Cars films are really just passion projects for John Lasseter - which, to be fair, he has earned.

      I'd recommend checking out John Carter! Despite the bad rep it gets, it's a really fun film - the battle scene mid-way through, intercut with flashbacks, is a stroke of genius!

    2. Yeah, Lasseter has earned it and to be fair Cars 2 is a fun film (if a little lightweight and flawed) and the animation is absolutely breathtaking. I do want to check John Carter but I need to be in a very specific mood to watch it and so far, my impression is that it is another Prince of Persia (which I didn't like) but knowing Stanton, I guess it is better than that one. Hopefully I'll check it out sometime this year ha ha.

    3. I didn't hate Prince of Persia - decent film, if uninspired - and there are definitely similarities to be found between it and John Carter, but JC is a much better film!