Sunday 10 February 2013

UPDATED - Brave Wins at BAFTAs!

Though the broadcast doesn't start until 9, the 66th annual BAFTA film awards are taking place right now, and Pixar's Brave just won the award for Best Animated Film! Seven BAFTAs have been given out for Best Animated Film, and this is Pixar's fifth win in the category - having lost to Happy Feet in 2006, and not bagging a nomination last year.

Massive congrats are in order for the film, and we here at A113Animation want to extend our sincerest congratulations to Brenda Chapman, Mark Andrews, Katherine Sarafian and the entire team at Pixar, who most definitely deserve the win. Pixar have, wrongfully, gotten a lot of flack as of late, and it's a massive accomplishment for them to win this prestigious award - particularly after having won the Golden Globe only last month.

Directors Brenda Chapman and Mark Andrews pose together with
their BAFTAs. Via Cartoon Brew.

UPDATE - 11/02/2013, 14:57 (GMT): Check out the two directors sharing the limelight in the above photo, and check out their acceptance speech and a Q&A with the pair here (embedding disabled), it's great to see Brenda there, and to hear Mark extended such gratitude towards her.

Brave beat out two of its Oscar competitors, Disney/Tim Burton's Frankenweenie and Laika's ParaNorman, to win the award, and it's definitely worth noting that, every single year since the award's inception in 2006, the film that won the BAFTA for Best Animated Film has gone on to win the Oscar. Pixar's Oscar chances just increased - although, it didn't have to face off with Wreck-It Ralph here...

The Making of Longbird won the award for Best Short Animation. Keep up with the other BAFTA results here.

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  1. Awesome!
    As much as I want Wreck-It Ralph to win the Oscar I would love to see Brave win just to shut people up who pay out on the movie and say that they've lost touch.

    I had a great time watching this movie and was very surprised by it, they took the Disney Princess movie and made it accessible to everyone. A difficult task.

    1. Agreed entirely on every front! Brave's a marvellous film and it'd be great to see it get such mainstream recognition.