Wednesday 27 February 2013

Watch: New Trailers for Cloudy 2 and Planes

Yesterday was a big poster day, today is a big trailer day. Sony have just rolled out the first trailer for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 on Yahoo! Movies, and it's good. Cloudy 2 clearly retains the visual inventiveness and quirky humour of the first film, and if you like food-related puns, you're in for a treat.

The trailer definitely strikes a Jurassic Park-meets-Wreck-It Ralph's Sugar Rush vibe and makes the film look like a whole lot of fun! The original film still remains my favourite Sony Pictures Animation film and I have very high hopes for 2.

Cloudy 2 stars the voices of Bill Hader, Anna Faris and Terry Crews, and is directed by Cody Cameron (story artist, Cloudy 1) and Kris Pearn (head of story, Cloudy 1). The film will be making US audiences hungry from 27th September, but UK cinema-goers will have to wait until 25th October.

Arriving just before Cloudy 2, on 9th August in the US and 16th in the UK, is DisneyToon Studios' Cars spin-off, Planes. Disney released the second trailer for the film, which is now being released theatrically, early this morning - and then proceeded to try and erase every version of it off the Internet; nonetheless, watch it above.

I'm really not sold on the film, it just seems like a straight-to-DVD film that's being forced onto the big screen, and that rarely ends well. That said, when it does end well, it ends really well - Pixar's third film for instance. And the trailer did allay my criticisms a bit to be fair: the animation's very good, some of the jokes are quite funny (not Cloudy 2-funny, but funny) and the underdog story seems solid enough.

Planes is directed by Klay Hall (The SimpsonsFather of the Pride) and produced by John Lasseter. Two and a Half Men's Jon Cryer was previously attached to voice Dusty, the main character, but has since apparently dropped out. A sequel, Planes 2: Fire and Rescue, is in the works already. Do you planning on checking Planes out? Does the new trailer boost or diminish your interest? Let us know below.

UPDATE - 28/02/2013, 21:09 (GMT): Disney are still trying to purge every copy of the trailer from the blogosphere, but there's a new embed of it above. Also, the new voice of Dusty is apparently Dane Cook (Employee of the Month).

UPDATE #2 - 01/03/2013, 18:38 (GMT): The trailer now appears to have been pulled from everywhere. If you didn't check it out, don't fret, I'd assume Disney will have it back up shortly.

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  1. Party 2 looks promising but I still have to see the first one. Planes on the other hand just looks like a direct to DVD movie that should've stayed that way. Yes, the animation is good but the Tinker Bell films also look good and there are not being released theatrically. I'm sorry but the story just looks like a Cars rehash just turned around. Whereas McQueen is at the top of his game, Rusty is the little underdog that wants to fulfill his dreams. Yeah, like we've never seen that before. It may be fun but "theatrical" material? No is not. At least, this film will help to have 5 nominees at the Oscars next year :)