Monday 11 February 2013

Hilarious New Monsters University Trailer

Brave is picking up some serious awards steam, but now Pixar start planning for the future, as today Walt Disney Studios UK's YouTube channel unveiled a new trailer for this summer's Monsters University! We saw a new clip in the extended preview for the film a few days ago, but this trailer gives us our biggest indication as to the plot of Pixar's first prequel.

The trailer's embedded above and be sure to watch it in HD! The trailer itself is absolutely hilarious, Mike and Sulley are on top form and the new characters seem brilliant; Monsters U promises to be an absolute hoot - and a damn good looking film to boot.

Monsters U is directed by Dan Scanlon and produced by Kori Rae, it opens on 21st June in the US and 12th July in the UK.


  1. It looks very funny but I hope that both Mike and Sully are given character depth and that both are the lead characters. It seemed to me from this trailer that Mike is gonna be the 'main' character in the movie and I don't know how goood that can be. One of main problems with Cars 2 is that they made Mater, a fun character but with no story arc the lead instead of Lightning McQueen which we invested so much time and care watching him change becoming a better 'car' in the first film to have him thrown to the sideway in the second.

    Both Mike and Sully are excellent characters so I hope both are the focus of this film. Anyway, I can't wait to see it!

    1. I must admit, the thought did cross my mind when watching the trailer that they seemed to be positioning Mike as more the main character! Then again, the first film did focus a bit more on Sulley, so maybe it's fair enough to refocus slightly.

      I agree that Mater wasn't the strongest main character, but I was never that high on Lightning either.

      Either way, I'm super hyped for MU!

    2. The Cars characters may not be the strongest in Pixar's ouvre but in the first film you can see the gradual change that Lightning has from pompous jerk to a caring and friendly guy. In the second one, he's just another race car and Mater is the main character but he doesn't change. At the end, he's the same Mater we know from the first film so there's no character development. Monsters, Inc. of course has stronger characters and I'm pretty confident that they will give both characters a nice storyline in MU.

    3. I get your point entirely. And, yes, Mater just isn't suited to main character status, but I think, in this instance, it kind of worked - Cars 2 was always going to be a lot more light-hearted a film than Cars 1, and indeed Pixar's other films. Mater reflected that.

      The main thing that irked me about Cars 2 was how they back-benched characters I actually did care about, like Luigi and Guido.