Tuesday 19 February 2013

Rumour Overload: Toy Story 4 Confirmed For 2015? [UPDATED: No, it's not.]

Treat this one as a rumour until strongly indicated otherwise: some Colombian news outlets are reporting that Disney and Pixar have officially announced the long rumoured Toy Story 4 for 2015!

This rumour surely doesn't seem like it's going to help dissuade the overwhelming tide of doubt in Pixar as of late, prompted by Cars 2 and spurred on by the recent announcement of Finding Nemo 2; that said, it's still a dubious prospect as to whether a fourth Toy Story is even on the radar at all. IMDb had Toy Story 4 listed for a 2015 release a while back though, and Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and John Lasseter dropped curious hints that another sequel may be on the way. One thing's for certain, everybody's going to have an opinion!

Colombian news site, Terra, broke the story, claiming that, not only have Disney and Pixar confirmed it, but that a 2015 release is being aimed for and that Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and Joan Cusack have all signed on to reprise their roles. It's entirely possible Terra has got crossed wires, concerning the upcoming Toy Story TV special and inevitably more Toons too, but they seem pretty sure.

Personally, I hope the reports aren't true. I love Toy Story; its sequel, Toy Story 2, is my favourite film of all time, and 3 is an absolute masterpiece that left me blubbering like a baby, but a fourth isn't needed. Admittedly, that could be said about a third, and that worked out great; and if John Lasseter, Ed Catmull and co. have greenlit it, the crew presumably have a great story. Nonetheless - particularly with the hard-sell of convincing people about the validity Finding Nemo 2 - another Toy Story film, even after the billion dollar blockbuster of 3, might just prove too much.

An imagining of what the poster for such a fourquel may look like.

Wait and see, I guess. But if the reports are true, then 2015 looks set to make Disney shareholders very, very happy: Star Wars: Episode VII, The Avengers 2, Pixar's already planned 2015 release, Inside Out, and now maybe this! Add Avatar 2 into the mix, and you got a very profitable year for the global box-office.

One last thought: Could this be the film Teddy Newton's working on? He did voice Chatter Telephone in 3 after all...

Until then, Toy Story of Terror! hits your TV screens this October.

UPDATED - 19/02/2013, 23:20 (GMT): If the unsubstantiated speculation convinced you, then I'm afraid we have bad news. The Huffington Post, courtesy of BuzzFeed, says that Disney reps have denied that the sequel is in the works and are baffled as to why exactly the rumours started up again. It should come as little surprise, given that Pixar a) don't make films that quickly, and b) have a stacked slate.

You can breathe again now.


  1. I think it's interesting you mention Disney's potential to have a HUGLEY profitable year in 2015 if this TS4 is added. 2015 would still is big year even without the rumored TS4. That being said, it seems strange that Disney would try to cram another guaranteed smash hit into the 2015 fiscal year. It seems like that Disney would be better off moving this to 2016 to smooth out its revenue streams (much like WB did with Harry Potter in 2008 after The Dark Knight was so successful). IDK, another reason why I'm skeptical about this.

    Either way, great coverage!

    1. Mm. I hate to play the money card - and I'm sure that's not why Pixar's doing it, if they even are - but it's undoubtedly a factor.

      Yeah. Although, that said, there is a debate atm as to whether Star Wars is going to make the 2015 release at all. Hmm, it's just a hard sell for die-hard fans I think.

      Thanks! And thanks for commenting!

  2. Tim Allen also dropped hints about Toy Story 4. Here's the video:


    1. Oh snap! Yeah, I forgot about that -- thanks for the link!