Saturday 20 April 2013

A113Animation is Expanding: Writers Wanted

A113Animation is an animation news, reviews, views and interviews site. Life often gets in the way though, and often I'm so engrossed by the constant glut of exciting animation news that I don't have time for many other features. Reviews come as frequently as films and books do, but there're no retrospectives from me; I've a couple of really rather fun interviews coming in the next couple of months, but interviews aren't here every week. And the other features I write have somewhat fallen into disarray.

That's where Munir and Damien come in. My glamorous support team, who write as many reviews and opinion pieces as I could possibly ask for. But the inexorable march forwards means we're never content. For instance, I've noticed a couple of glaring holes in the operation. And that's where you come in.

We're expanding our operation, and currently looking to take on two new writers. The two positions we're looking to fill are:

  • Studio Ghibli writer: I handle news coverage on the blog, but one area that I'm not very up on is foreign animation. Damien is going to be launching some more coverage of French animated films, including The Triplets of BellevillePersepolis and The Illusionist, but Studio Ghibli isn't covered here at the moment (although I have taken in a lot of their films over the last month). So, we're seeking a knowledgeable Studio Ghibli fan, who has seen - if not all of them - a large proportion of their films, is capable of covering all important emerging news, and willing to write occasional reviews and opinion pieces on the subject too. This position is now filled.
  • Live-action Disney writer: I cover major news stories that aren't really animation, but are linked, (meaning, those major ones also released by Disney) here - Star Wars director announcements, The Muppets... Again! key details, etc... - but we're looking for someone who can cover the smaller news stories, the type I cover with animated films, but don't have the time to write for live-action. Particularly, we'd like applicants to cover Disney-released Marvel, Star Wars and The Muppets news. An interest and knowledge of the subject is a must, as is decent writing skill. As for experience and what we'd like to see, the criteria is the same as above. This position is now filled.

If you are interested in applying, then please, please do, we're greatly looking forward to welcoming new people aboard! To apply, send us an email at, saying which position you'd like to fill, why and offering up some previous writing. It would be great if you have experience with blogging or film websites, but it's not necessary: good quality of writing is needed, as is a passion for the subject. If you've written for another website, send us a link to some of your posts, otherwise, email two or three exemplar news stories and/or reviews. I'll read and review all applications, as many or as few as we get.

That's not all though, we're not just expanding our site coverage, we're expanding our Internet presence. We've launched a YouTube channel, to which we (that's me, Damien and Munir - and, who knows, maybe you) will be posting short 2-5 minute videos, covering everything from reviews, to news, to opinions, to general pondering about animation. This will start up fully in the coming weeks.

On that note, if there are any pianists, musicians or budding composers reading this, we're looking for a little opening jingle! Now we're relaunching, the logo could probably use an update too... Basically, now's the time to get involved in A113Animation!


    1. Future Animator22 April 2013 at 15:16

      Well, I don't know if I would count, but I would love to write posts about opinions for you guys maybe... of course, I already have my own blog to do that on, so just let me know what you think or send me an e-mail please! Whatever you decide is okay with me... I won't start crying my eyes out if you say no! :)

    2. Anyone and everyone who wants to apply is more than welcome to! :) If you are serious about applying for either of the positions, shoot us an email at the above address and we'll consider you!

    3. Future Animator24 April 2013 at 16:15

      Actually, I realized last night that I didn't think before my last comment. My blog and the Facebook page are kind of already keeping me busy, and I only have limited time that I can do those things! I'm sorry, I would love to do something for you guys, but right now it's kind of impossible. I hardly know anything about live-action Disney or Studio Ghibli. I'm sorry!