Wednesday 24 April 2013

First Animated Look at Frozen 'Leaked'

Disney's non-existent Frozen ad campaign may be starting to finally to ramp up; the first animation from the Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee-directed film, complete with an intro from the former, has just made its way online.

Disney are trying to pass the footage off as 'leaked', complete with watermarks and technical details on the video and the catchy title "ETERNITY_BuckIntro_072512_055_NR_dds_high". The fact that it was uploaded by the official Disney Greece YouTube channel, though, rather gives the game away... So it seems Disney are trying to make up for their lacklustre promotion heretofore with some intriguing viral marketing. And if it means we actually get to see some more footage from the film, then more power to them!

Marketing strategies aside, this is a pretty exciting little video: we get to see the animation for the first time, we get our first little taste of the film's score, it confirms the designs of Anna and Elsa we saw a couple of months ago, and it gives us our first look at Olaf the Snowman, the film's comic relief sidekick, in action. The Tangled-influence is quite evident, but that's in no way a bad thing.

Frozen is slowly shaping up to be another solid winner from a studio that's been on a major roll as of late. It opens in the US on 27th November, and in the UK just over a week later, on 6th December - hey, that's improvement!

UPDATE - 24/04/2013, 21:28 (BST): Much like they did with the actually-quite-good trailer for Planes a couple of months ago, Disney are trying to pull the trailer from the web. But once it's out there, you ain't getting rid of it for good; the video is re-embedded above.

UPDATE #2 - 24/04/2013, 22:08 (BST): Disney continue to shoot themselves in the foot, on their warpath of pulling all the buzz-generating videos from the web; the re-embedded video is now down too. We'll update with the video if and when a new one crops up.


  1. The leak is already down... Hope somebody posts it again?

  2. Damn that pesky, Disney. New version embedded above now!

  3. Actually, scrap that, now this one's private...