Wednesday 3 April 2013

Watch: New Sneak Peek at Planes

Disney are sure promoting Planes rather heavily; last week they rolled out extensive voice cast details and a fun new poster. Yesterday, the studio released a "special sneak peek" at the spin-off from Pixar's Cars, which is being handled by DisneyToon Studios.

The clip features Dane Cook's Dusty showing his racing prowess against a couple of jets. Sure, the dialogue and voice acting is a bit cheesy, but the animation's superb, the tone and music are very well handled and the creative, plane-inspired backgrounds are very clever. All in all, Planes is looking set to be a surprise hit when it opens in August (9th in US, 16th in UK).

Want to know a bit more? Our friends over at The Rotoscopers have put together a podcast about their impressions from the test screening. Check it out here.

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