Thursday 25 April 2013

Watch: New Monsters University Trailer

While Disney are floundering about failing to promote their 53rd animated feature, they're doing a bang-up job hyping Pixar's fourteenth feature, (and, by the sounds of it, fourteenth hitMonsters University. Today, that includes rolling out another hilarious new trailer for the Dan Scanlon-directed Monsters, Inc. prequel!

Yahoo! Movie Trailers unveiled the new trailer, which elucidates a lot more of the film's plot and should be considered mildly spoilery. What it should also be considered is freaking brilliant: I already care about the new characters, the comic timing is absolutely immaculate, the animation's superb and stunning, and it has a rocking soundtrack. Pixar certainly look to have another winner on their hands.

In related news, Billy Crystal recently spoke to USA Today about Pixar, working with John Goodman, and the possibility of a third Monsters film, saying, if they do make one, he'd like it to be made a little more quickly than MU"I know they wanted to get the story right, and that's what makes the movie special. But I can't wait another 12 years." (Via Hypable)

Classes start at Monsters University on 21st June (US) and 12th July (UK). 


  1. So funny. Art is already my favorite. Not favorite new character. Favorite character, period.

    And on a third Monsters film : can you imagine the uproar ?

  2. He is a hoot! Although I think I'm a Squishy man, myself...

    I half want them to announce one, just to watch all the haters throw a fit. 'twould be hilarious!

  3. Munir Abedrabbo25 April 2013 at 23:33

    This movie is gonna be AWESOME!

  4. Future Animator26 April 2013 at 15:14

    I love this trailer! Why can't it be June 21 already?

    Squishy's awesome. He and his mom kind of look like thumbs... ;)

  5. At least you only have to wait until 21st June! July's never seemed so far away...

  6. Future Animator29 April 2013 at 16:05

    When does it come out in the U.K.?

  7. Says at the bottom of the post: 12th July!