Tuesday 2 June 2015

Watch: First Teaser for Pixar's The Good Dinosaur

Inside Out is about to be released, but Pixar has another film up its sleeve for this year. The Good Dinosaur asks the following question: what would've happened if the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs had missed the Earth? Catch a glimpse of Pixar's answer below:

The cartoonish look of the characters paired with the almost photo-realist backgrounds is intriguing, and we can't wait to see more. This definitely looks like another winner for Pixar.

Update: Here's the first poster for the film.

The Good Dinosaur was first supposed to be released in 2014, but was pushed back 18 months after its original director Bob Peterson left the project. Pete Sohn (Partly Cloudy) took over and we can now expect the 16th Pixar feature film to arrive in theaters on the 25th (US) / 27th (UK) November, 2015.


  1. I'm a real fan of this decision for photo-real background and cartoonish characters. To me it signifies the confidence in Pixar that their characters will bring enough emotional weight that we see past there designs.

  2. I also think we wouldn't buy realistic dinosaurs talking (remember Disney's 'Dinosaur'). Pixar characters have always been somewhat cartoonish; but that's the first time the contrast between the characters and the world they inhabit is so striking.

  3. After just having read Ed Catmull's Creativity Inc. it seems exactly like the sort of thing Pixar would do. It's a risk and it should pay off, I'm genuinely excited for this now.