Monday 1 June 2015

Watch: an Unbelievably Good-Looking 'Klaus' Teaser

The Vimeo Channel of the SPA Studios (for Sergio Pablos Animation) released a teaser for an upcoming hand-drawn feature called Klaus. And it looks amazing. Watch the teaser below.

The animation effects and lighting in this are simply mind-blowing. Klaus looks like nothing we've seen before; and it's pretty exciting.

Among other things, Sergio Pablos is a former Disney artist. He animated Hades (Hercules) and Frollo (The Hunchback of Notre-Dame) and was a character designer on Tarzan. After he left the WDAS, Sergio Pablos created the SPA Studios, that regularly help produce animated features for Warner, Blue Sky or Disney. Sergio Pablos also came up with the original idea for Illumination's Despicable Me.

Cartoon Brew had an exclusive conversation with Sergio Pablos, where he talks about Klaus' background and the distinct look he's aiming for in the film. Here's an excerpt of the interview:
Seeing Despicable Me grow into what it is today has been a true joy and one of my proudest achievements. 
But like many of us, I miss the freedom and spontaneity of traditional animation. Don’t get me wrong, I love CGI when it’s well made. But there’s no denying that there’s a unique quality to hand-crafted animation when done by a great artist.
Klaus is still in production and currently looking for distributors.

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